E-Solutions: Power Surge (contributor), PharmaVoice Showcase Feature

Digital leverages data to personalize and think about user experiences, compared to traditional which starts with an idea and then tests it in-market. Both leverage data, but they go about it in opposing ways, making integration difficult. Traditional and digital can be aligned, but it takes real planning to make it work seamlessly. Read more: http://www.pharmavoice.com/archives/article.esiml?id=3050

The Future of Healthcare is Wearable, PharmaVoice

EHR is connecting our healthcare, the Internet of things is connecting our world, and now wearables are connecting everything else. With health data becoming increasingly more standardized and accessible, there is a future where healthcare is personalized not just to our health, but also to our lives. Read more: http://www.pharmavoice.com/article/future-healthcare-wearable/