RxDM Storycast Ep03: Bill Evans, IBM Watson Health

RxDM Storycast host Buddy Scalera speaks with Bill Evans, CMO of IBM Watson Health. Buddy & Bill discuss healthcare storytelling, emerging trends in marketing technology, and the evolving role of marketing agencies and clients. It’s a full-hour conversation about the IBM Watson Health technology and what it means to pharma manufacturers and healthcare researchers. Get the Bill Evans Interview on iTunes or listen on Stitcher. This video “Why the future of healthcare is cognitive – William Evans, IBM” is referenced in the conversation, so you may want to check it out:

Component Content Management Systems (CCMS) for Digital Health Marketers (part 2)

Note: this is part 2 of a 2 part series that covers Component Content Management Systems (CCMS) for digital health marketers.  Click the link if you have not yet read Part 1. Parts of a CCMS architecture. There are four major parts to a CCMS architecture at a very high level.  The features I just covered are just that, features of the architecture, but not the architecture itself.  If you think of the features as the job descriptions, you can think of this high-level architecture as the different departments in…