About Us

Matt Balogh

Matt BaloghMatt bridges the gap between marketing creativity and technological effectiveness.

He has an MBA in Marketing and has been a software engineer his entire life. He started programing at 10 years old and never stopped, dedicating his professional career to marketing technology and the strategies that go with it.

As CTO Matt lead a cutting-edge team that doesn’t just talk about innovation, they do it. Specializing in new and emerging marketing technologies he established and runs an Innovation Lab to keep experiences effective and current.

Marketing Technology is a global conversation and Matt is fluent in the language. The bottom line is that in today’s increasingly mobile and connected world, marketing needs to intimately know, understand, and deliver real contextual value to consumers at the right time, place, and on their terms.

Buddy Scalera

Buddy ScaleraBuddy Scalera is a digital marketer working as a content strategist at an award-winning, digital marketing agency in New Jersey. He’s the author of five books, dozens of comics, and a popular blog about emarketing and technology.

Scalera specializes in digital content strategy and has spoken at numerous industry events. He has written many strategic POVs for pharmaceutical and technology industry publications.

As a content strategist, Scalera has developed transmedia content for multiple offline and online platforms. He has written and published five books, dozens of comic books, magazine articles, websites, videos, ebooks, and just about everything in between. His blog Words + Pictures = Web covers marketing, technology, and social media topics.