Intro to AI for Digital Health Marketers

Download Episode. Overview To best introduce you to Artificial Intelligence (AI) I’m going to start out with a little history lesson.  Next I’m going to introduce and define a few terms like deep learning, and natural language processing.  Then I’m going to cover structured and unstructured data, and get into natural language processing.  And, finally, I’ll sum it up with a couple of good examples of AI in healthcare and some steps for really making it happen within your organization. A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence In 1948, in response…

Digital Health Marketer’s Guide to Prototypes

Overview To best introduce you to the concept and practicality of how you can use prototypes at every stage and discipline of your project we’re going to take it in stages.  I’ll start out with some core concepts to define prototypes and then I’m going reframe your thinking about when and why you should be using prototypes.  After that I’ll get into some specific implementation considerations.  And finally, I’ll sum it up with a couple of good tips for really making it happen. But first I’d like to give a…

RxDM Storycast Ep03: Bill Evans, IBM Watson Health

RxDM Storycast host Buddy Scalera speaks with Bill Evans, CMO of IBM Watson Health. Buddy & Bill discuss healthcare storytelling, emerging trends in marketing technology, and the evolving role of marketing agencies and clients. It’s a full-hour conversation about the IBM Watson Health technology and what it means to pharma manufacturers and healthcare researchers. Get the Bill Evans Interview on iTunes or listen on Stitcher. This video “Why the future of healthcare is cognitive – William Evans, IBM” is referenced in the conversation, so you may want to check it out:

Digital Health Prediction & Trend Rollup 2017

Marketing predictions and trends are a time honored tradition.  Every year around the holidays digital health marketers gather around the soft glow of their monitors and think about what the previous year brought them, and what the next year will hold.  Some of us take a realistic approach and go hard at reaffirmed beliefs of foundational tech, while the dreamers and innovators push up the technology adoption curve, cross the chasm, and double down on on the latest digital health innovations. Whatever your flavor, we at RxDM are here for…

The Art and Science of List Buying

Okay, so we’re talking about list buying. List buying is one of those things that seems simple, but is super hard to do. There’s a lot of reasons for it, not the least of which is you really don’t know what you’re getting until you try it, and by then it is too late. Many people don’t know this or even think about it (because they’re not Content Engineers) but there are a lot of factors to list buying. Now, for clarity what I’m talking is about the art of…

Ep21: Comic Con And Healthcare Marketing

What does the New York Comic Con have in common with healthcare marketing? Quite a lot: Digital healthcare strategists Matt Balogh, Buddy Scalera, and Chris Cullmann discuss the art of storytelling, making larger stories more digestible, and building shared myths. Everything from agile workflows to camera angles are in-play in this week’s discussion. Download Episode 21 New York Comin Con 2015 Writing and Penciling: Storytelling Creator Connection The new Apple iMac Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Event New Jersey Innovation Institute @ NJIT  

Ep18: Conferences and Self-Educational Mediums

Ongoing self-education options for healthcare marketing professionals. How to keep up via conferences, podcasts, videos, ebooks, and webinars, as discussed by Matt Balogh, Chris Cullmann, and Buddy Scalera. Download episode 18 Advertising Week Google Classroom Amelia Programmatic Ad Buying For Podcasts Digital Pharma East Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Marketing Summit 2015  

Ep15: Sponsored Wireless Hotspots and Wearables

Do you know what privacy you may be giving up while accessing sponsored WiFi hotspots? This week, digital healthcare strategists Matt Balogh, Buddy Scalera, and Chris Cullmann discuss internet access portals and a recent interview with Jay Blahnik, Director of Fitness for Apple Watch. Download Episode 15 AT&T Hotspots: Now with Advertising Injection Director of fitness for Apple Watch understands limitations of wearables Schools move toward ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policies to boost student tech use XylemDx Concept for Inkjet Printing Diagnostic Tests

Regulating in the Connected Health World, PharmaVoice contributor

Pharmaceutical regulation is both a hindrance and a necessity.  In September 2013, the FDA issued a final guidance for mobile medical apps.  This guidance provides clarity regarding which mobile apps are the focus of FDA oversight and which are not.  Together with January 2014’s draft social guidance we can begin to pain a picture in the FDA’s role in oversight, safety, and privacy. Read more:  

Connected Health Tools Improve Patient Outcomes (contributor), PharmaVoice

The ability for real-time information exchange enables better relationships, monitoring, and behavior change.  The Center for Connected Health has been studying the effects of connected health on patient behavior, engagement, and outcomes concluding that patients who used wireless devices were more likely to be engaged in their healthcare and have better outcomes. Read more: