RxDM Storycast Ep03: Bill Evans, IBM Watson Health

RxDM Storycast host Buddy Scalera speaks with Bill Evans, CMO of IBM Watson Health. Buddy & Bill discuss healthcare storytelling, emerging trends in marketing technology, and the evolving role of marketing agencies and clients. It’s a full-hour conversation about the IBM Watson Health technology and what it means to pharma manufacturers and¬†healthcare researchers. Get the Bill Evans Interview on iTunes or listen on Stitcher. This video “Why the future of healthcare is cognitive – William Evans, IBM” is referenced in the conversation, so you may want to check it out:

Ep9: Freemium vs. Premium, and Consumer Data Rights

Digital healthcare strategists Matt Balogh, Buddy Scalera, and Chris Cullmann discuss freemium vs. premium models, iOS 9 ad blocking, and consumer data rights and privacy. Download Episode 9. Show Notes: Google Contributor Ghostery Youtube subscription announcement The Tradeoff Fallacy: How Marketers Are Misrepresenting American Consumers and Opening Them Up to Exploitation IBM Watson Health and the Future of Healthcare