RXDM STORYCAST EP06: Personas in Healthcare Communications for Pharma Marketers

RXDM STORYCAST EPISODE #06: Personas in Healthcare Communications for Pharma Marketers Let’s talk about your customers. Do you know who they are? Of course you do. You have a list of customers in a sales database, right? Not so fast. Let’s take a step back to consider the entire customer ecosystem. Sure, you have the customers who purchases your product. They have names, locations, and account numbers. But what about the entire ecosystem that surrounds that purchase? Do you know who they are and what their needs will be? Let’s talk…

RxDM Storycast Ep04: 3 Writing Books for Pharma Marketing Storytellers

Podcast version: Storytelling. In concept, it’s easy. In reality, it’s a true challenge that spans generations. People go to college to learn how to do it, spend untold hours trying to do it, and even more hours trying to wonder why they’re not better at it. Now, to make it more difficult, it’s part of your day job. Yes, fellow marketer, you need to be a marketing storyteller on a deadline. Just to add to the pressure, let’s add the challenge of storytelling in a regulated industry. You don’t just…

Digital Health Prediction & Trend Rollup 2017

Marketing predictions and trends are a time honored tradition.  Every year around the holidays digital health marketers gather around the soft glow of their monitors and think about what the previous year brought them, and what the next year will hold.  Some of us take a realistic approach and go hard at reaffirmed beliefs of foundational tech, while the dreamers and innovators push up the technology adoption curve, cross the chasm, and double down on on the latest digital health innovations. Whatever your flavor, we at RxDM are here for…

Ep 23: Media, Cyber Monday, and Crowd Sourcing Charity

Is your brand message best served within native channels or should you be driving audiences to your own properties? This week Digital healthcare strategists Matt Balogh, Buddy Scalera, and Chris Cullmann discuss promiscuous media, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and crowdsourcing charity in modern communities. Download Episode 23 Facebook Instant Articles and Promiscuous Media Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and The Culture of Commerce Please Help Michele (and the changing role of crowdfunding in our communities) http://linslinens.org/ http://laceyelksrun.com/ Nest Thermostat LinkedIn Social Selling Index Facebook’s 360 Degree Ads  

Ep20: The Post-PC Physician

Has your physician begun using an iPad or a 10 year old PC? Is your physician ready for the ICD-10 migration? Is the office on its own intra-practice chat service? Should voice transcripts be part of an emerging EHR standard? Digital healthcare strategists Matt Balogh, Buddy Scalera, and Chris Cullmann talk about these subjects and what the net benefit is to you as a patient in this week’s podcast. Download Episode 20 http://www.medpagetoday.com/PublicHealthPolicy/Washington-Watch/53901 https://www.sharecare.com/static/new-sharecare-app-uses-innovative-voice-analysis http://techcrunch.com/2015/09/21/stitch-is-slack-for-healthcare-messaging/ Chief Marketing Technologist Google Chromecast Audio Mobile Health News Tags: podcast health healthcare digital marketing…

Ep19: Prescription Wearables

Prescribing wearables for patients? Digital healthcare strategists Matt Balogh, Buddy Scalera, and Chris Cullmann consider the idea of physicians recommending wearables for diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cardiology, and mental health patients. The team also analyze the role this data plays in health record administration and personal awareness of behavior change. Listen for our unique perspective from both a technologist and content creator’s perspectives. Download episode 19 Insteon: Let your voice be your remote IMS Institute: Patient Adoption of mHealth Klick.com: IMS Review of the Wearables Marketplace Apple HealthKit Microsoft Healthvault MOVI…

Ep18: Conferences and Self-Educational Mediums

Ongoing self-education options for healthcare marketing professionals. How to keep up via conferences, podcasts, videos, ebooks, and webinars, as discussed by Matt Balogh, Chris Cullmann, and Buddy Scalera. Download episode 18 Advertising Week Google Classroom Amelia Programmatic Ad Buying For Podcasts Digital Pharma East Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Marketing Summit 2015  

Ep17: Social Media and Healthcare Marketing

This week digital healthcare strategists Matt Balogh and Chris Cullmann work through analytics, performance metrics, and strategies for healthcare brands using social media. WeChat, Instagram, and Influencers are just a few of the topics we go over as we begin to diagnose some of the industry’s phobias around 2-way communication Download episode 17 24 Outstanding Statistics & Figures on How Social Media has Impacted the Health Care Industry Blackbaud WeChat How and why Western brands are experimenting with WeChat Neuromancer Wikipedia entry

Ep16: Creative in Healthcare Marketing and CMO Spending Across the Customer-Buying Cycle

Does creative or context mean more to pharmaceutical marketing customers? Is there an optimal customer journey for the healthcare industry? Digital healthcare strategists Matt Balogh, Buddy Scalera, and Chris Cullmann discuss both topics in this week’s podcast. Download Episode 16 Pharma perspectives: communications creativity How CMOs Are Spending Across The Customer-Buying Cycle Facebook M Android Wear is now compatible with the iPhone Tags: podcast healthcare pharma marketing pharma creative CMO customer journeymarketing digital marketing facebook m android wear ios

Ep14: Alphabet and Ad Blocking

Digital healthcare strategists Matt Balogh, Buddy Scalera, and Chris Cullmann discuss what Google Alphabet means to healthcare, and what the trend in ad blocking means for healthcare marketers. Download Episode 14. Alphabet Google is now alphabet and it culd spell big things for healthcare Ad blocking report: the cost of ad blocking Press Pause: Google Chrome and Flash Ads iOS 9 to Support Ad Blocking on Safari Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace Meet the Recon Biosensor That Reports on the State of Your Cancer in Real-Time…