mHealth: The Next Frontier (contributor), PharmaVoice Showcase Feature

More than 90% of the world’s population has some type of mobile phone, according to the Society for Participatory Medicine, quoting data from the International Telecommunications Union and PEW research. mHealth will continue to be a major factor in technology and health in 2015, with new apps that connect patients to physicians for real-time monitoring…. SHOWCASE FEATURE: mHealth: The Next Frontier

Ep5: Yo!, Superfish, and Grandpa’s Phone

Digital healthcare communications professionals Matt Balogh, Chris Cullmann, and Buddy Scalera discuss the Yo! app and how no characters can helps us communicate, Lenovo’s Superfish debacle and how we should look to secure data in marketing efforts, and an observational prognostication on our business models. Download Episode 5. Show Notes:  

The Power of Mobile Apps in Healthcare – PharmaVoice

The year 2013 officially marked the arrival of mobile with more than 50% smartphone adoption in all major markets. Though many organizations had dabbled, mobile-first strategies catapulted to the top of nearly all marketing priority lists. But in the rush to adopt in 2014, industries have struggled…. Read more at:

Ep4: mHealth, Data Security, and Google’s Health Results

Digital healthcare communications specialists Matt Balogh, Buddy Scalera, and Chris Cullmann discuss how mHealth is transforming our approach to healthcare, data security and what it means for marketers. Episode 4 discusses how Google is integrating health information into their search engine results page (SERP) and what digital marketing professionals can do to maximize their exposure. Download Episode 4.

Mobile Marketing Report: On Hold (contributor), MM&M Feature

It’s not as though pharma marketers didn’t see mobile coming. For the past half decade, they’ve discussed its potential to transform behaviors and relationships within the healthcare ecosystem. Yet now that mobile has arrived, they find themselves torn between caution and exuberance…. Read more:

E-Solutions: Power Surge (contributor), PharmaVoice Showcase Feature

Digital leverages data to personalize and think about user experiences, compared to traditional which starts with an idea and then tests it in-market. Both leverage data, but they go about it in opposing ways, making integration difficult. Traditional and digital can be aligned, but it takes real planning to make it work seamlessly. Read more:

The Future of Healthcare is Wearable, PharmaVoice

EHR is connecting our healthcare, the Internet of things is connecting our world, and now wearables are connecting everything else. With health data becoming increasingly more standardized and accessible, there is a future where healthcare is personalized not just to our health, but also to our lives. Read more:

Regulating in the Connected Health World, PharmaVoice contributor

Pharmaceutical regulation is both a hindrance and a necessity.  In September 2013, the FDA issued a final guidance for mobile medical apps.  This guidance provides clarity regarding which mobile apps are the focus of FDA oversight and which are not.  Together with January 2014’s draft social guidance we can begin to pain a picture in the FDA’s role in oversight, safety, and privacy. Read more: