Ep 23: Media, Cyber Monday, and Crowd Sourcing Charity

Is your brand message best served within native channels or should you be driving audiences to your own properties? This week Digital healthcare strategists Matt Balogh, Buddy Scalera, and Chris Cullmann discuss promiscuous media, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and crowdsourcing charity in modern communities. Download Episode 23 Facebook Instant Articles and Promiscuous Media Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and The Culture of Commerce Please Help Michele (and the changing role of crowdfunding in our communities) http://linslinens.org/ http://laceyelksrun.com/ Nest Thermostat LinkedIn Social Selling Index Facebook’s 360 Degree Ads  

Ep17: Social Media and Healthcare Marketing

This week digital healthcare strategists Matt Balogh and Chris Cullmann work through analytics, performance metrics, and strategies for healthcare brands using social media. WeChat, Instagram, and Influencers are just a few of the topics we go over as we begin to diagnose some of the industry’s phobias around 2-way communication Download episode 17 24 Outstanding Statistics & Figures on How Social Media has Impacted the Health Care Industry Blackbaud WeChat How and why Western brands are experimenting with WeChat Neuromancer Wikipedia entry

Ep13: Kim Kardashian, the FDA, and Hacking Cars

Digital healthcare strategists Matt Balogh, Buddy Scalera, and Chris Cullmann discuss Kim Kardashian’s run in with the FDA, and what auto security in the age of smart things means for healthcare? Download Episode 13. Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Got a Drug Company In Trouble with the FDA FDA busts Kim Kardashian selfie for leaving out drug side effects Diclegis Press Release Hackers Cut Corvettes Breaks via Common Car Gadget 14 Year Old Hacks Connected Cars with Pocket Money IBM Acquires Merge Health to Supplement Watson Healthcare